5 Reasons why you need a Copy SEO

Nobody creates a website to fail. At least, the intention is good.

However, we find websites that do not meet the basic needs of users. In many cases, the fault is a bad writing of texts. The information is vague, poorly written, poorly organized or impossible to find.

It looks familiar to you , right?

A good text writer for the web can solve these problems . Here are 5 reasons why you should hire one:

You need to ‘translate’ your brochures for the Internet

We see many websites that give the impression that they have copied the promotional brochure they already had, without changing a word.

We have already said it many times, but let me repeat it. Writing for in the online medium is different than doing it in printed support. Reading on the screen is more difficult, the texts must be more concise and the information needs to be better structured.

If we do not adapt the text, users will not read it.

Your website needs to be found

Your website is worth nothing if no one can find it . Almost everyone happens that most of the traffic comes through search engines. So, if you do not have a good position in search engines, it is very likely that users will not find you.

A good copy SEO knows, not only get a text that works in search engines , but it is attractive to users. That is, it will bring more traffic to your website.

You can not afford not to do it

Users on the Internet have, in general, very clear things. They know what they want : buy something, look for information, communicate or entertain themselves.

A well written web will help you to perform tasks efficiently . It will guide you in the process so that you achieve your goal with little effort.

However, a site with poor quality texts will make the user lose and get angry. If the users can not find the information, it is repetitive, it becomes heavy to read, etc. It is more than likely that they leave.

This means losing a business opportunity . Can you afford it?

You want to outdo your competitors

Quality texts is the best way to make your site stand out on the Internet . Why? Because most of the sites have a poor copy, full of verbiage or clichés, and with poorly structured information.

A good copy will give you an advantage over them.

You do not have the time or ability to do it yourself

Of course you can write it yourself. Or the fellow. But do you have the time or capacity? Writing the texts of a website takes time . I was saying before that it’s not about copying a brochure.

In addition, you need certain skills to guide users in navigation, or persuade them to take an action.

For these reasons I think you need an SEO text writer to help you with the content of your website or newsletter / email. Otherwise, you will be losing business opportunities

Can you think of other reasons? Tell us

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